Our Classrooms

Program Objectives

Parents Morning Out:
2-year-old class:
3-year-old class:
4-year-old class:


To foster a child’s inherent curiosity as that child continues to explore and discover the world. To nurture individual learning styles through hands-on experience. To create an environment in which the child learns through play.

To promote appropriate emotional and social development as the child learns how to cooperate and “parallel play” with peers. To help the child develop basic language and communication skills. To introduce basic learning concepts which will encourage healthy cognitive development, including color, shape, letter and number recognition.

To encourage socialization and learning through play. To implement academic learning through stimulating hands-on centers and activities (art, sensory exploration, dramatic play, blocks, math, science, computers, listening and reading). To provide a nurturing classroom environment in which each child’s individual qualities are embraced.

To help prepare the child for kindergarten emotionally, socially and academically in a positive and nurturing environment by focusing on the following skills/subjects: reading readiness, math concepts, fine motor skills, science and awareness of self.


















Inside and outside the classroom, children at St. Paul’s Preschool have an opportunity to learn and grow through a variety of experiences, including:

  • structured playtime and center work
  • daily outdoor play, weather permitting
  • bimonthly program focused on music and movement
  • field trips (pumpkin patch, strawberry picking, puppet show, etc)
  • bimonthly chapel service
  • special visitors (Library lady, Fire Department, Buddy the Pony)
  • annual Christmas pageant
  • graduation ceremony for the 4-year-old class
  • a Suzuki violin program
  • individual and class picture days